I used different sources to make my ATARI site. I hope I will not have copyright troubles of any kind, because whole site is dedicated to ATARI 8-bit fans. Most information is linked, not mirrored.

It is non-commercial site.

Hello there! I am back. My site was down for some time and now it's time for some new enhancements. In future you can expect more stuff, games, demos, etc. So, be patient, it is worth to wait. Thank you for your visits.
Huge library of software, games, hardware, books and source code is acompanied with articles from ANTIC and A.N.A.L.O.G magazines. Thanks you two :) I will check the site about Six Page magazine, which is also one of best available for Atari 8-bit computers. Its articles will also join above pals.
Enter this amazing Atari 8-bit world

Remember your earlier years you played your favourite games like Pacman or Donkey Kong? Go to my Games section to choose among huge collection of Atari 8-bit games. Download and play any of them.

Many thanks go to
Holme's Atari 8-bit homepage
for delivering such huge collection of games to you.

I am Boštjan Gorišek. I can tell ATARI XL/XE 8-bit computers are legendary. My interest for ATARI will never die. And a friend of mine, Feldi Šandor, inspired me in great way, who modified my and his ATARI 130XE to connect to PC. Thanks also goes to Holme and his homepage
Holme's Atari 8-bit homepage
, who allowed me to put his collection of games to my site. And there the story begins...

In Manual sections you will surely find stuff you always wanted to know about Atari 8-bit computers. For example, read well known Atari books, now available on internet, examine opcodes for assembly language programmers, learn about languages, etc.

Atari games are not yet available for downloading. I must get some more space to accomplish this. But I believe in future I will find good space for Atari games.






Explore my huge collection of source code. Library consists listings for ATARI BASIC, Assembler and ACTION! Whole library is categorized in alphabetical order. Most listings are linked to ANTIC magazine online and ANALOG magazine online articles. You can use any ZIP utility to decompress zipped listings. Those articles were published as public domain, for non-commercial use. So, please, ANTIC and ANALOG, I hope I will not have copyright troubles of any kind.

If you have any problems, questions or new solutions to listings in my Source code section, leave a message in my guestbook or send an e-mail.



I will update this site time to time. There are some things or corrections not done yet.