Here is downloadable software for your 8-bit ATARI. Enjoy!!!
All files are compressed with ZIP utility. Most Atari files for use on Atari computers are compressed with ARC/UNARC utility.

Computer languages

Program Description Notes
JLS BASIC Compiler Fast BASIC compiler  
TURBO BASIC Fast BASIC interpreter compatible with ATARI BASIC  
TURBO BASIC Compiler TURBO BASIC compiler  
Draper Pascal 2.1 Pascal compiler  
TURBO BASIC for SpartaDos 3.2d TURBO BASIC for SpartaDos 3.2d  
KASM65 Assembler  
KLINK65 It links together relocatable files generated by KASM65  
A65 A very simple 6502 assembler  

Programming tools

Program Description Notes
DISASSEMBLER 6502 Utility creates source code from machine language  

Compress / uncompress utilities

Program Description Notes
SuperUnArc! Ver. 2.3 Decompress utility  
SuperUnLHArc Ver. 0.1 Decompress utility  

Text editors

Program Description Notes
KEDIT v1.00 Program type editor  

Disk copiers

Program Description Notes
Toms Copier v. 2.0 A quick disk copier  

Disk utilities

Program Description Notes
VTOCfix repair utility for MYDOS or Atari DOS 2.0 or 2.5 disks  


Program Description Notes
KConvert Fast ASCII<-->ATASCII file converter  
CopyMate XE Boot disk maker